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Bone conduction is the new way of conducting sound by sending the sound into a different frequency of mechanical vibration. The sound wave is sent through the human skull, bone labyrinth, inner ear lymph fluid transmission, screw, auditory nerve and auditory center to transmit vs. air transmission with the traditional dear drum based headphones. In contrast to the classical sound transmission of sound waves through the diaphragm, the bone conduction eliminates many acoustic transmission steps to achieve a clear sound reduction in a noisy environment, and the sound waves won't affect your capability to receive other sounds from your surroundings. When we bite something crisp or hard, we can hear the sound of food broken because of the vibration through our teeth and skulls to our inner ear. In the 18th century, the principle of bone conduction helped the great beloved deaf composer Beethoven to hear the wonderful music. Beethoven tried a technique invented by Giovanni Phillipo, England. Where he could hear the music from the jaw bones with a stick connected to the piano. This was actually the early beginning application of the bone conduction principle. Our Bluetooth headphone utilizing the same modern bone conduction technology which has been used in military, police professional headphones and as hearing aids. Our bone conduction headphone is perfect for sports headphones, hiking headphone or driving headphone so you can hear the sound from the traffic, stay safe and still enjoy the music of the highest quality possible!
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